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it’s been a year but these girls are still very important to me

How do you feel about the Paul Robertson controversy?


LOL I was wondering if someone was going to ask me this.

People have basically already said what I feel. The guy is an adult-oriented artist. He’s not trying to hide the stuff he’s done in the past and he shouldn’t start now. He’s never NOT been an an adult-oriented artist, and just because he’s done freelance work on a kids show doesn’t make him any less of an adult artist, nor should that mean he has to hide his past works and change his whole artistic persona to family friendly.

People seem to be misinterpreting his exploration of Japanese erotic art tropes (guro, futanari, chibi, etc) as something more than just Japanese erotic art tropes and I urge you not to. Much of Paul Robertson’s art is satirical at it’s core and meant to be shocking and ridiculous. Sometimes that’s just the point of art. It doesn’t need to be overanalyzed. and we certainly don’t need to project those overanalyzations onto the show as a whole. That just seems crazy to me.

Paul Robertson got his freelance work on Gravity Falls because everyone who works on the show is a fan of his work. Yes, they’ve even seen the guro. But thankfully, logical adults have the capacity to separate personal work from professional work, and Paul went above and beyond with his work on Gravity Falls. He delivered what was asked of him and then some, and his animations are positively gorgeous. He didn’t try to like, forcibly insert stuff like his personal work into GF so I fail to see the issue other than people trying to stir up shit for notes. Erotic/adult artists get hired on kid’s media ALL THE TIME, this is not something new and not something anyone should be shocked over. Working on something for children as a professional artist does NOT mean you have to change every facet of your career to be more PG. This thinking demonstrates a lack of understanding of the entertainment industry to me more than anything else.


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So I never posted my finished Garnet cosplay. Sowwy~ I get so excited during cons, I never really take formal pictures.



more Giffany animations from Soos and the Real Girl


more stuff from Soos and the Real Girl


more Giffany animations from Soos and the Real Girl


Giffany animations from Soos and the Real Girl

Gonna make a few separate posts with these cos posting them all at once crashed my host.


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